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New girl on the block

I stared working at my local Wendy's about 2 weeks ago (waiting for ym first paycheck) and I love it. Today I'm doing a double shift, 11 am to 3 pm, and then 5 to either 8 or 10 pm. I love everyone there, but maybe it would be better if Fast Food didn't make me sick...

First day, I worked making sandwiches with one of the managers, and since that day, I WILL NOT touch fast food. Sure move it from spot to spot, but expect me not to eat it... tonight i might have too, though. =(

Anyway, I am here to say Hi, and hopefully contribute..

OH! Today, we had TWO orders of 7 Double Stacks. Jeezus... That was hell in a hand basket. We didn't have enough meat ready. Why can't people be nice and not order so much?! But it went all right... I hope there isn't any more of those.

Well.. gotta go get ready for my second shift. Laterz.
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