Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote in dave_thomas,
Yes, The River Knows

We top that article.

We did the most kickass of kickass things tonight.
After hot-tubbing at Lyndsay's with her and Andrew, we called a cab and went to Wendy's (Me and Lynz work there, and Andrew is starting in a week or two) and ordered the Super Value Menu 3 times.

Ryann: Hi, may I take your order, please?
Lyndsay: We'd like 3 orders of everything on the Super Value Menu!
Ryann: You're joking.
Lyndsay: Nope!
We proceeded to order three of everything. =D

Took them forever to bring out the orders, but we forgive them. XD
Here is the

Our collective bounty. They missed three burgers, and we gave some food to the taxi driver.

The receipt. Bust to the wallet, but yeah :D

This kicks so much ass.
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